ANDY IVY- ladies and gents


I truly feel we have a knack at finding the coolest Podcast guests in the hunting industry, and even better luck getting them on our show. We have had some “badass” individuals on the show, but this KID is legit. He is Badass on every level in my opinion.

Andy Ivy, was born and raised in South Africa, his family ranched cattle and started a Safari operation, which his uncle still operates today. That is where Andy started in the Hunting Industry. He got into archery after helping a client that had come to hunt with a bow. Since then, he has hunted with a bow ever since, compound, self bows, trad bows everything. Andy studied in the UK and shot competitively on the 3D circuit, though his only interest was hunting (not legal with a bow in the UK). He then worked in the US for a year and was offered a job as head guide for an outfitter in Australia that was bowhunting only…..

It gets better guys tune in tomorrow for the whole interview with Andy Ivy.

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