S1:G10 (Final Cut)

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Harmon Carson, with his “2012 DIY Elk Hunt”.This will be the final chapter to Season 1.. Check it out!!  

It begins here…

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I have been trying to explain to everyone what I am trying to do with tradgeeks.com. I can’t preach enough that I feel the hunting industry is going to make huge swing in our … Read More

Online Store

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The store should be up and running in the next few weeks. The clothing is being made as we speak. You will be able to purchase the clothing through paypal only. If you have … Read More

Stand Setup

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             After talking to other traditional hunters, reading articles, and observing others set up their hunting spots, I’ve come to the conclusion that most people have difficulty being successful … Read More

Be The Decoy

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I first saw this product surfing the internet one day. I thought to myself “this is a disaster waiting to happen”. After, some quick research I realized that this product is only intended for … Read More

New Shooters

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Make sure you check out the forum, under General Discussion. Aaron Emhoff (psuhunter), one of our moderators, was kind enough to start a great thread for those of you interested in traditional archery. I … Read More

Best Hunting Applications

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I know your all probably thinking. You hunt with a traditional bow, but you also use an iPhone during your hunt? My answer is yes!!! That is what we are about, merging the traditional archery community … Read More

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