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We finally got a new how to video posted on the site. It has been awhile but we plan on pushing out more videos on our youtube channel weekly. Please subscribe to our channel … Read More

goventure | homestead

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It’s for our friends, and it’s for our family. #goventure (c) 2016 Tradgeeks music by Mark Kephart

goventure | three day weekends|- ETAR 2016

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We had a blast at E.T.A.R this year with family and friends shooting our stickbows. Traditional archery has a brotherhood that cannot be explained.   Traditional archery creates bonds and friendships that cannot be … Read More

For The Feeling

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It’s been said that you miss 100% of the shots that you don’t take. If not for adventure, there would be no memory to seek. If not for passion, there would be no desire. … Read More

ANDY IVY- ladies and gents

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I truly feel we have a knack at finding the coolest Podcast guests in the hunting industry, and even better luck getting them on our show. We have had some “badass” individuals on the show, but this KID is legit. He is Badass on every level in my opinion.

Andy Ivy, was born and raised in South Africa, his family ranched cattle and started a Safari operation, which his uncle still operates today.

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