Kanati Pro Quiver Review

As most of you that follow Tradgeeks already know, I got a new longbow a couple weeks ago. I got the Zipper Zipstick. The bow is beautiful. With that being said, I needed to find a beautiful quiver to match up to this bow. After searching the internet for quivers, I finally settled on the Kanati bow quiver. I honestly could not find a quiver that would even compare to the Kanati quiver “look wise”. I am a hunter primarily, so usually looks don’t mean much to me. However, with this bow I wanted one piece of my collection to be “pretty”.


I received my quiver from John Dill within 3 days of my order date, the fast shipping and customer service was great. When you order anything from Kanati, you speak directly to John. As a doctor that answers his own phone, that is extremely refreshing to me.

I received my quiver last week, and took sometime with it before I did this review. I wanted to put this quiver to the test in the field, and practice range. It has performed nearly flawless. The quiver is made with perfection, and quality materials. The most important factors to me is the silence, and durability that this quiver contains. It made my the zipstick whisper quiet. The quiver is also very light weight, which was another concern I had when purchasing a quiver.


This particular quiver is a strap on model. I was a little concerned at first about how well this quiver would hold on the bow. I was having a little movement with the quiver when I first attached it to the bow. However, after speaking with John I got this resolved over one quick email, thanks John. I still get a little rocking of the hood on the top limp. I like to have my quivers close to the riser to completely eliminate the possibility of the quiver affecting the action of the limbs. I was told to move the quiver down off the fade out portion of the limb. I did not do this. I am positive this would eliminate the rocking portion of the hood, but it is more important to me to have it bumped up against the riser.

If I had to rate this quiver on a scale from 1- 10. I would have to rate this quiver a 9 out of 10. The ability to detach and attach the quiver to the bow is effortless, and quick to say the least. I would highly recommend this quiver to anyone. Please check out these quivers at http://www.kanatiquiver.com/KanatiPro.html

Kevin Merrow