Episode #46 -Africa- Matt Davis

What do you get when you mix a super efficient Tradbow Setup, African game, and an amped up MTN OPS fueled hunter? Find out on episode 46 as Matt Davis takes us on a … Read More

Episode #45-Tyler Freel-

In this episode we had the privilege to talk about bow hunting with Tyler Freel. He is a writer for outdoor life and a tremendous traditional bow hunter. We talk about hunting Alaska with … Read More

Episode #44- Nathan Killen-

Nathan Killen is a traditional bow hunting STUD!!! In this episode we dive into how he approaches hunting whitetails in the mountains compared to small parcel properties. I really enjoyed this podcast with Nathan. I … Read More

Episode #43- MTNOPS- Matt Davis

In this podcast we dive straight into the MTNOPS products and how we use them to our advantage. This company is growing drastically, and we covered everything from A-Z… We also talk about traditional … Read More

Episode #39 – Mark Kenyon (Wired To Hunt)

Today on the show we had the privilege of sitting down with whitetail expert Mark Kenyon of Wired To Hunt. Mark is super knowledgeable with whitetail strategies, tips, and quality deer management. We picked his … Read More

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