Episode #14 – Featuring: South Cox

In this podcast we talk high country bow hunting with South Cox. He is the owner of stalker stickbows. South shares his tips/tricks on how he gets in close on high country mule deer with a stickbow. During this podcast South and his good friend Wes are joining us from 12,200 ft in the Colorado Mountains.

Episode #12- Featuring: Andy Ivy


Andy Ivy, was born and raised in South Africa, his family ranched cattle and started a Safari operation, which his uncle still operates today. That is where Andy started in the Hunting Industry. He got into archery after helping a client that had come to hunt with a bow. Since then, he has hunted with a bow ever since, compound, self bows, trad bows everything. Andy studied in the UK and shot competitively on the 3D circuit, though his only interest was hunting (not legal with a bow in the UK). He then worked in the US for a year and was offered a job as head guide for an outfitter in Australia that was bowhunting only.

Episode #11- Featuring: Maven Optics (Brendon Weaver)


In this interview we talk with Maven Optics (Brendon Weaver) about optics and design. It is great to hear about little companies doing great things for the consumers. If you want to find a quality piece of glass, Maven Optics is our choice. 2014 Gear of the year award by National Geographic.

Episode #10- Featuring Remi Warren


We are ecstatic to announce this weeks podcast guest, Remi Warren. He can be found on Solo Hunters, and his new show Apex Predator. Remi is also a professional guide and outfitter. Although he lives on a mountain 300 days a year, we are lucky enough to have him on the show this week. During this weeks show we talk about Solo Hunters, Apex Predator, and hunting with a stick and string.

Episode #9- Featuring Mike Mitten


During this episode we discussed whitetail tactics with one of the greats, Mike Mitten. He has wrote numerous articles for traditional bowhunter, and bowhunting magazine. He is the author of “One With The Wilderness”. Mike has also produced the DVD’s “Primal Dreams” and “Essential Encounters” along side his brothers, Gene, and Berry Wensel.

Episode #8 – Featuring Bill Dunn


Bill Dunn, is the owner of zipper bows and grizzly broadheads. During this episode, we will be discussing the art of custom bow building, his new limb design, and broadhead production. This podcast is for informative. We really enjoyed having Bill on the show.

Episode #7 – Featuring Harmon Carson


In this episode you learn specific traditional bow hunting setups, shooting styles, and traditional bow hunting stories. He is a great friend and bow hunter Harmon Carson.

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