Quivers from Down Under

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Quivers from Down Under

            With the limited gear needed in Traditional Archery the need to quality is paramount. One of those items that is very important is of course the quiver. I often debate what is the better way to carry arrows. On the bow or off the bow seems to be the constant bouncing thought. Both have certain advantages. I recently talked to Mark Pitts, the owner of Marksman Quivers. The Marksman bow quiver is a handmade two piece strap on quiver system for traditional bows. These rock solid quivers are made by Mark in Sydney Australia. The quiver is available in four, five and six arrow sizes and come in either black or brown. The hoods are hand molded with attention to detail and hand stitched perfectly. We were very impressed with the strap system that uses rubber to protect the bow and velcro to lock it in place. The Hood and Grippers attach to the bow are very solid and easy to install. The Marksman also offers the Arrowmac a system to keep your arrows dry and clean while you are hunting in wet weather.
Be sure to take a look at them at http://marksmanquivers.com.


Matt Smith