Road Trip

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For a few months now we have been planning a trip to Ohio to see Bill’s workshop. Bill Dunn is the owner of Zipper Bows and Grizzly Broadheads. Finally, this past weekend, we made the long, six hour trip to Ohio. It was an exciting trip to say the least. The truck was full of classic hunting stories, which made the ride go extremely fast, not to mention the anticipation we felt to shoot some of Bill’s creations.

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The main reason we made the trip was to purchase a few bows. When we first arrived, Bill took some time to show us around his shop. He showed us some of his latest updates and prototypes– very cool to lay your eyes on before anyone else. The shop was full of bows being built from the ground up. The work that goes into building a fine quality made bow is simply amazing. We got to see several pieces of exotic woods, some of which are not legally allowed to be shipped into our country anymore.

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Bill took his time with both Mike and Chad. He made sure that the bows they were going to receive were exactly what they need and want. He was specific on asking draw weight, draw length, comfort, price, performance, etc. Each of them shot just about every bow there– a lot of fun, but that is where you get into trouble. What you will find with Zipper Bows, is that they are ALL amazing bows. It is really difficult in choosing a Zipper because of the incredible quality and unique differences they each possess. The quality service that Bill provides to his customers is also TOP NOTCH!!!

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After the guys finished up their orders with Bill, he took some time to show us his Grizzly Broadhead manufacturer. Let me start this by saying, the process that is involved in manufacturing these simple pieces of deadly steel is mind blowing. “People often shake their heads at the prices of Grizzly heads, but they don’t see the work involved”. Bill recently purchased Grizzly and has improved the quality of these heads tremendously. The heads are extremely easy to sharpen now. A few strokes of a good stone and your good to go. I do want to mention that a KME Sharpener is a tremendous advantage. What could’ve been a tiresome, grueling drive, was instead a “road trip” of excitement and comradery. Our wives thought we were crazy for driving six hours one way to look at bows when we could just order them, but the trip was amazing. Friendships were made, and strengthened. We made purchases of a lifetime, and shot some sweet ass bows.

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