Stalkers in the Backcountry.

                                                                                                                                                                                     Stalkers in the Backcountry

Saturday the mail man delivered happiness! The new “Stalkers in the Backcountry” DVD arrived. I sprinted inside with excitement and was not disappointed. In knew The DVD has been in the in the making from conversations with South and Ryan Sanpei who was heavily envolved in the editing. I couldn’t wait to press play!

In my opinion some of “filmed hunting” that end up on TV has become almost duplicated or cloned. Often it feels that the only thing that changes is the ranch they are hunting and the hunters themselves. The story lines are nearly exact. The editing, footage and hunter chest pound have largely become the same unfortunately.

This was not the case with “Stalkers in the Backcountry:. The DVD contains a level of purity and honesty that is rare. The heart pounding moments that traditional bow hunting can provide are captured are beautiful and humbling. Some of the stalks result as South says; “…one careless move on my part. A loud snort and cloud of dust and the party’s over!”. Yet others prove to provide the success we all dream of. But in my opinion and as displayed in the DVD all are successful in the primal experience and education that hunting encounters provide.

I highly recommend this DVD to anyone hunter or non-hunter for a wonderful experience to watch South hunt with bows he crafted chasing high country mule deer above 10,000 ft.

Matt Smith