Episode #36 – ATA Bound

Mark and I podcast on our way to Indianapolis for the 2017 Archery Trade Association. We discuss our plans for tradgeeks in 2017 and our expectations. This podcast is a total BS session and we … Read More

Episode #33- Our 2016 Season

In this podcast we discuss our 2016 season. We also have a great discussion on the different hunting styles in Pennsylvania. This podcast was one of my favorites, only because I love great conversation. … Read More

ANDY IVY- ladies and gents

I truly feel we have a knack at finding the coolest Podcast guests in the hunting industry, and even better luck getting them on our show. We have had some “badass” individuals on the show, but this KID is legit. He is Badass on every level in my opinion.

Andy Ivy, was born and raised in South Africa, his family ranched cattle and started a Safari operation, which his uncle still operates today.

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