EPISODE 063: Donnie Vincent

It’s always a pleasure talking with our good friend Donnie Vincent. If you haven’t heard of Donnie by now, you need to get out from under the rock you’re living under. He and his … Read More

EPISODE 060: ATA Road Trip

In this episode we chat about Marks first buck harvest with a tradbow. We discuss the anticipation of the ATA show and go on many other tangents about traditional archery.

Episode #55 – Dr. Ed Ashby-

In this episode we talk with Dr. Ed Ashby. This podcast really doesn’t need an introduction, and I believe he is one of the last living greats. We dive straight into arrow setups, and … Read More

Episode #45-Tyler Freel-

In this episode we had the privilege to talk about bow hunting with Tyler Freel. He is a writer for outdoor life and a tremendous traditional bow hunter. We talk about hunting Alaska with … Read More

Episode #44- Nathan Killen-

Nathan Killen is a traditional bow hunting STUD!!! In this episode we dive into how he approaches hunting whitetails in the mountains compared to small parcel properties. I really enjoyed this podcast with Nathan. I … Read More

ANDY IVY- ladies and gents

I truly feel we have a knack at finding the coolest Podcast guests in the hunting industry, and even better luck getting them on our show. We have had some “badass” individuals on the show, but this KID is legit. He is Badass on every level in my opinion.

Andy Ivy, was born and raised in South Africa, his family ranched cattle and started a Safari operation, which his uncle still operates today.

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