Trinity Longbow

I have always appreciated the benefits of little sound with a longbow specifically in a hunting scenario. At the same time I also appreciate the speed and zero handshock of a quality recurve. Edward Boyd of Trinity Longbow has successfully created the best of all worlds in the Trinity “Falcon”. The falcon is in my opinion one of the most impressive traditional bows on the market, here is why. First and foremost is the outstanding craftsmanship of the bow. The fit and finish are perfect! Edward has a visible passion and love for the different wood species and has a eye for smooth lines. Second, is the performance of the bow. The bow is 52lbs at 28″ and is shooting a 520 grain arrow 178 FPS. It the falcon incredibly smooth and easy to shoot. If you are after a bow that is both fast and quiet with zero handshock I highly recommend the Trinity Falcon. Give Edward a call or visit




Matt Smith