.          We believe that this is the place where modern hunting meets traditional hunting. We use a lot of the latest and greatest equipment. However, we still like to hunt with traditional equipment. We like to think of ourselves as hybrid archers. We believe that in next five to ten years (2013), the hunting community is going to make a huge swing in our direction. 

           Tradgeeks is a traditional archery forum/blog for the next generation archer. We want to provide a place to educate and share our obsession for the outdoors, with the traditional archery community. Here you can find quality gear reviews, short films, and podcasts. You will also find strategies to help you become more efficient in the field, and top notch traditional archers to ask questions to, on a personal basis. We are the social networking hot spot for the traditional archer. 

Take your time and look around the site. Please be sure to subscribe to our podcast on itunes, and look us up on facebook and instagram. As always “stay safe and shoot straight”.