Be The Decoy

I first saw this product surfing the internet one day. I thought to myself “this is a disaster waiting to happen”. After, some quick research I realized that this product is only intended for archery season ONLY. I quickly thought to myself what a great concept. The product that I am referring to is “Be The Decoy”. My brain started to process the idea and the first thing that popped into my head was percentages. I am a numbers guy and if this product will increase my percentages on a spot and stalk hunt, by even five percent. It is definitely worth a shot.

When hunting with a stick bow every yard counts and with this product, maybe I can squeeze out some extra yardage on a spot and stalk hunt. I do not think this product will spook game anymore than I would alone. So, in my opinion it’s a win win.
A group of my buddies and I are headed to South Dakota in September. We are going on a DIY hunt in the black hills, in and around the Custer City area. I know my buddies are going to be riding me hard, only because this does kind of look funny on a human. I even told my wife that its going to be my Halloween costume this year, just to help justify why I purchased one. All jokes aside, if I harvest a trophy, or even if I have a few really good stalks. I am sure they will not hesitate to borrow it. Hopefully, I get the last laugh packing out a gigantic Muley.

Be The Decoy comes in antelope, elk, and blacktail hats. The blacktail hat can be used for mule deer and or whitetails. The hat is a one size fits most. It also comes with foam padding to help adjust the fit. I am really impressed with how well it fits your head. You can also purchase matching clothing, to wear in the field.
Bottom line, If your not afraid of a little harassment then, In my opinion this product is a win win. If you hunt alone, well then you have no worries :). I have not had the chance to test this product out. I will be sure to follow up with another review come September.

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