Covert Trail Camera Review (cont)

I promised everyone that I would do a follow up on the covert scouting cameras. I got the chance to put them through a season of abuse. I got the cameras back in July and they have been running non-stop since they arrived. I am talking primarily about the MP-E5, coverts low end camera.

First, lets talk about functionality. The camera is really easy to setup. You can swap cards and change setting within secs. The best part about this camera in my opinion is the size. It is super small and easy to pack in, and out of the woods. I take a camera on almost every hunt just in case I see some good sign. The only down fall I see with the camera is the strap setup. The slide lock for the strap seems to cause more grief then anything. I simply use the one side of the slide lock and that seems to fix the issue. Second, I would like to talk about trigger speed, and quality. For this relatively inexpensive camera, it functions better than any camera’s I have used. Extremely fast trigger speeds, allows for minimal blur on images, and you also catch the game in the middle of the picture.

Finally, I would like to talk about battery life. I put these cameras out in July and I am still running them on the same batteries. If you look at the photos taken with the coverts, you will see the battery life as the season goes on. The cameras have been running non-stop, mostly on video mode.

For more details see the previous review on these cameras. Previous Review

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