Quality Gear

Through out my hunting years, I have continually been in search for reasonably priced hunting gear. What I generally look for in my gear is warmth, comfort, and durability. I feel that these are the most important factors to look for in quality gear. With everyone being on a tight budget these days. It is very hard to find all of these important factors in quality gear. You know what they say, “you get what you pay for” and that is true. However, if your like me, comfort, warmth, and durability in my hunting gear is not more important to me than financial stability.


I think I found the answer for you.

This year I purchased some Core 4 Element gear. Let me tell ya, this company has got it going on. Quality check, comfort check, warmth check, durabilty CHECK CHECK!! This stuff is great and affordable. I doubt that you will find me in anything else this coming hunting season, because I am in love with this stuff. It comes in realtree max-1, and (mothwing) mountain mimicry. Core 4 element, in my opinion is on top of their game constantly coming out with new gear each year..