Oregon Packs – The WholeShabang

Oregon Packs – The WholeShabang

I have owned several packs over the years and I haven’t found one that can do everything. I mean ONE pack that could work for:

  • Spring Turkey as just a lower lumbar/fanny pack with or without shoulder straps.
  • Scouting/Trail hiking with Hydration.
  • Full backpacking pack that could handle a 5-7 day trip with the potential of meat hauling.
  • Bare “skeleton” meat shelf pack only.

I wanted a pack that was waterproof and bulletproof and at a price that I could afford. That is asking a lot, but I am a bowhunter on a small budget with big ideas! I came in contact with Karl at Oregon Pack Works out of Bend Oregon. Karl is a Fireman with a visible love for the outdoors and a passionate hunter.

The WholeShabang is without question 6 packs in 1. With one suspension or frame system you have the Greengate Pack, the Lumbar body, the Hydration body, Overflow  pack pairs and Meatshelf.

With waterproof and burr resistant fabric each pack compartment can be left at camp regardless of weather. This pack gives the total capacity of 6000 cubic inches and weights 9.4 lbs.

Everything about this pack system was designed to incorporate the other packs into one system. For a hunting trip in the backcoutry the Wholeshabang without question the most versatile pack on the market.




Matt Smith