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In three days I will be headed back to the great state of South Dakota for redemption. Last year was my first chance of hunting the western states for mule deer. Anyone that has had the chance to spot and stalk mule deer knows exactly what I am about to say, I am addicted. There is nothing quite like it and I am ready this year. Now that I have had a chance to change my hunting strategies, from hunting eastern whitetails out of tree-stands. I think that I stand a fair chance of increasing my opportunities, which in return equals a better success rate.

I am just about packed for my 7 days in the grasslands. We are hunting a WIA (Walk In Only Area) that supposedly holds some deer with great potential. I am taking my good friend along with me on this trip. It will be his first ever bow hunt, and with a recurve to boot. He is beyond excited and has all the qualities of a good hunting partner. We will be documenting every inch of this hunt on film. Hopefully, if all goes as planned you will have a great short film to watch in a few weeks.

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