RK1 Review



To answer the questions that have been thrown at me: here are my thoughts on the Striker Bows/New Breed Archery RK1. This is my first ever aluminum riser traditional bow, so I approached it with no preconceived notions. It is extremely lightweight (compared to other metal risers I’ve shot) giving it a very similar feel to my custom wood bows. The draw cycle is smooth with ZERO stacking. This bow shoots fast though I haven’t had the chance to chronograph it. Speed isn’t something I generally prioritize when choosing a bow, but it’s nice to have one that really spits out the arrows. The riser and limbs are dipped in Kuiu Vias camouflage which makes it a perfect hunting bow. The finish seems rugged and so far and holds up rather well to minor abuse, but Mark will put that to the test more than me.

I have found that bracing my RK1 at 8″ seems to be the sweet spot for me. The riser is cut .375″ past center, so I had to build out the strike plate. They have a unique adjustable side plate which made adding rubber gaskets easy and convenient. We will elaborate more on these modifications in an upcoming “bow build” VLOG with Marks RK1. I built my strike plate out to 1/8″ past center and I have this thing dialed in.  The grip is super small and has a lower wrist style which makes it easy to fall in love with. I find very little hand shock with this bow and I am grouping arrows better than I ever have. New breed archery and Striker bows really nailed down a solid bow here and I am pleased with it, metal riser and all. 😉