EPISODE 065: Clay Hayes (Twisted Stave)

In this episode we chat with Clay Hayes primarily about building self bows. This podcast was a blast for me because it was very educational for anyone interested in building a self bow. Check … Read More

EPISODE 063: Donnie Vincent

It’s always a pleasure talking with our good friend Donnie Vincent. If you haven’t heard of Donnie by now, you need to get out from under the rock you’re living under. He and his … Read More

EPISODE 061: Aron Snyder (Kifaru)

In this episode we chat with Aron Snyder about his plans for 2018. Is he switching to a tradbow again? Why? What is your ethical shot distance? We cover it all in this episode. … Read More

EPISODE 060: ATA Road Trip

In this episode we chat about Marks first buck harvest with a tradbow. We discuss the anticipation of the ATA show and go on many other tangents about traditional archery.

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