EPISODE 061: Aron Snyder (Kifaru)

In this episode we chat with Aron Snyder about his plans for 2018. Is he switching to a tradbow again? Why? What is your ethical shot distance? We cover it all in this episode. … Read More

EPISODE 060: ATA Road Trip

In this episode we chat about Marks first buck harvest with a tradbow. We discuss the anticipation of the ATA show and go on many other tangents about traditional archery.

EPISODE 059: David Brinker (Sitka)

In this episode we talk with David Brinker about his journey with Traditional Archery. We dive into his passion for hunting, career, and music. This was a fun episode for us and I think … Read More

EPISODE 058: TG and RER Bows Giveaway

In this episode we discuss our giveaway of not only one but two RER Bows with Chester Floyd. We dive into Chester’s hunting season and his persistent pursuit of mountain lions.

Episode #56 -Utah Elk Hunt-

In this episode we are hunting in the back country of Utah with our stick bows. I believe this podcast captures the highs and lows of hunting to it fullest. This trip was nothing … Read More

Episode #46 -Africa- Matt Davis

What do you get when you mix a super efficient Tradbow Setup, African game, and an amped up MTN OPS fueled hunter? Find out on episode 46 as Matt Davis takes us on a … Read More

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