Zipper Bows “Z4 Limbs”


 Bill Dunn of Zipper Manufacturing has out done himself once again with a new limb design. He is calling his new limb design the Z4. I am lucky enough to be one of the few people to have shot these limbs, and let me tell ya!!! I am completely blown away by their performance, stability, and draw cycle. These new limbs will fit on any of Bills bows except for the nitro and ILF risers.

The beautiful thing about these new limbs is the draw cycle. As you draw, the weight will  increase by 2 lbs per inch. This allows for your brain to think that the weight is decreasing through out the draw cycle, allowing you to feel like you have a “let off”. If you want to talk about speed? I would guess that the limbs are shooting easily over 200 ft per sec. They are shooting super flat and have increased my point on distance by 10 yards, compared to my other carbon foam limbs. The brace height for these limbs is around 5 1/2 inches, allowing for the bow to look super cool.



We have all heard about bow forgiveness. Long bows seem to have more forgiveness than recurves, because of the stability. Welp!! You can throw that theory completely out the window now. These limbs are as stable as any long bow limbs on the market. With my poor release, I haven’t shot a recurve better than this one! If your attending ETAR this weekend. Make sure you stop by and see Bill. Hopefully he is not completely sold out, and you will have a chance to shoot these amazing limbs.